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Maternity Photography in Coventry

My first shoot in over 3 months!

To say I was excited for this photoshoot is the understatement of the year. I was SO excited for this maternity session. I hadn’t taken photos of anyone but my own family since December, and I was starting to worry I’d forgotten how to work my camera!

This photoshoot had been postponed so many times due to various lockdown measures, and it was starting to look like the baby would make his arrival before we even had the chance to take the maternity photos.

However, the universe smiled upon us, and not only did the restrictions ease just in time for us to take some maternity photos outdoors, we also managed to time our shoot for the one dry hour that day. Miraculous!

The restrictions as they were then meant I was only able to photograph one partner at a time, so with a bit of photoshop magic I was able to give this lovely couple the photo of them together that they had really wanted. How? By meeting them in the same spot separately, and then stitching the photos together later.

Their little boy has now made his arrival, and I’m so excited to go back up to Longford and be his newborn photographer very soon!

Take a peek below at some of my faves from our sweet outdoor shoot, and see if you can spot the sneaky photoshopped one!


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