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Newborn photography, but not as you might know it. 

Hello, I'm Sinéad and I have a confession: I'm not into posing babies. That's right, I said it - a newborn photographer  who doesn't do posing. In fact, it's so important to me I wrote a whole blog post about it. 

I don't believe in rocking tiny babies or holding a dummy in their mouths so they stay asleep long enough to be folded into complex positions, or placed into unnecessary props (anyone else confused by babies in buckets? Just me?) and all my newborn photoshoots are 100% baby-led.

On this page you'll find my portfolio, pricing, and information about what to expect when you book your newborn shoot with me. Click the boxes below to get started. I hope you enjoy looking around!


If you like my images and my respectful approach to newborn photography speaks to you, I would love to hear from you. Click here to get in touch for more information or to book your shoot.

I offer newborn photoshoots both in your own home (30 minutes of travel from Coventry is included, with a small fuel cost for further afield).

I can't wait to hear from you!

p.s. if you'd like to know more about me, click here.

What to expect

Find out more about newborn photoshoots

Booking your newborn photoshoot

Because they don't need to be in that "sleep through anything" stage, your baby doesn't need to be under 2 weeks old; they can be anywhere from 0-12 weeks. This means I often have more availability than other photographers who have a 2-week cut off, so if your baby has already arrived, get in touch as I may well have a slot!

Before your newborn photoshoot

You will be given a link to your online newborn photoshoot handbook. There, you'll find my booking form where you can give me a list of all the shots you're hoping to get; let me know who else might be joining us for the shoot; and answer a couple of questions about your baby.

During your newborn photoshoot

I will help you and your baby to relax and be as natural as you can. I won't boss you around, but I will gently direct you to place your baby down, or position yourself, in the best light. I tend to snap most of the best shots when you don't even know I'm pressing the button! 


The session is entirely baby-led and we can take as many breaks as your baby needs. Even with breaks for feeding and changing, your 2-hour newborn shoot with me will still be up to 50% shorter than "traditional" posed newborn sessions, which can run up to 4 hours! I'll use the feeding and changing breaks to photograph any other children you have, or simply document the caregiving routine as well. One day you won't be bottle or breastfeeding any more, so those images are special too!

Instead of handling, positioning and rocking your baby, I will keep my distance and speak softly and respectfully to him or her about what I'm doing - not as weird as it sounds, honest - and I'll get you involved as much as possible to hold, move or soothe your baby when needed. Your baby will be gently placed down or held close by their loved one. They are allowed to be awake or asleep, and there will not be a single bucket in sight, I promise (unless you're actually really into buckets in which case let's go for it). 


When I say I don't do posing, it doesn't mean you can't have a specific shot or prop in your photoshoot. Lots of families would like their little one photographed on a special heirloom blanket, or in a crib, or with a special toy. They also sometimes have an outfit in mind. All of that is absolutely ideal.


Although I won't pose, I will suggest different positions to comfortably lay your baby down in, or gently drape beautiful fabrics on them. The only thing I won't do is intricate baby-limb-moving, and you definitely should only go to a fully trained professional for that sort of shoot to make sure your baby will be 100% safe.

After your newborn photoshoot:

  You will receive a link to a large gallery of proofs. I offer a totally optional, no pressure option to upgrade and purchase the whole gallery if you can't decide on just 10, which also includes a large print. Info about upgrading your newborn session is below.

I will professionally edit the photos that you choose, making the colours pop and the light look perfect. I can also hide small imperfections on your baby's face, like tiny scratches, if you would like me to. You will also receive a print of your favourite photo, printed on beautiful fine art archival paper to keep forever.

I offer home newborn photoshoots in and around Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.


For a bespoke mobile studio session in your own home, please contact me for a quote. The mobile studio is only suitable for newborn photoshoots without older siblings or pets.

To book your newborn session, or for more information, click the button below!

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newborn prices

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