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Coventry Newborn Photography

Baby-led newborn photoshoots in Coventry & Warwickshire

Coventry Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting this little one, who was just over 2 weeks old, in my studio recently.

I thought I’d write a little blog post about how my baby-led newborn shoots usually run, and share some gorgeous images from the session!

Newborn Photographer Coventry

First, we take as much time as you need to get your baby settled. This little guy decided he needed a good feed, a nappy change, a little spit up, and then another feed before he was ready for his photos, and that is totally fine with me!

The actual amount of time it takes to capture all the images I need of your baby isn’t that long, but I always schedule 2 hours in for our newborn session because tiny little babies are unpredictable!

Baby Photoshoot Coventry

Some of them need 45 minutes of feeding and changing before we even take a single photo. Some babies are sleepy when they arrive and we get some lovely peaceful shots, and then they wake up starving so we need to take a 20 minute break before shooting again.

It’s all part of my job, so please never ever feel like you’re wasting time or making me rush - I am used to it!

My baby-led approach meant that this little boy didn’t need to be soothed to sleep for any of his images. I’m sure you’ll agree that awake shots are just as gorgeous as fast asleep ones.

Newborn Photographer Keniloworth

I always say this, but it’s so important that I will repeat it forever: babies are not props. They aren’t objects for us to use in order to get pretty pictures; they ARE the pretty picture.

Your baby is a whole person, with a little personality, and I capture that by letting them be themselves: no rocking, no shushing, no dummies (unless they already have one), no tight wraps to get them to be quiet and fall asleep. I also don’t place them in any weird containers.

My all-white home studio is the perfect place for serene, elegant and modern photographs of your baby. No fuss, no distractions, just them being totally perfect as they are.

Warwickshire Newborn Photographer

If you’re looking for baby led newborn photography in Coventry or Warwickshire I might just be the photographer for you!

My studio is located in Cheylesmore, Coventry. It’s just off the A46 which makes it the perfect location for anyone looking for newborn photos in the following areas: Coventry, Kenilworth, Stoneleigh, Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon, Rugby, Nuneaton, Lutterworth, Solihull, and even Birmingham and part of the Cotswolds.

Interested in a newborn photoshoot? Click here to contact me and we can have a chat!

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