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Coventry Photography Studio

Welcome to The White Studio!

Allow me to formally introduce Coventry's newest photography studio! This blog will explain a bit about what the studio offers, tell you exactly what makes it different from any other studio you might come across in Warwickshire and the West Midlands, and answer some frequently asked questions.

What is the White Studio?

The White Studio is a custom studio, based at my home in Cheylesmore, Coventry. It used to be a double garage (many years before we bought this house), which had been converted into a proper room by one of the previous owners by the time we moved in. We used to use it as a party room - back when we were child-free and fun - and then this year I converted it into Coventry's only purpose-built, all-white, minimalist photography studio. I use natural window light for most of my photoshoots, but I also have a professional light setup to add a little boost on those dingy dark days.

Is everything really white? Why?!

Yes, other than the light wooden toys and some small things like lids on jars, the studio is all white: the walls, the floors, the decor and the furniture. Even the snacks are white! Why? Because my approach to photography is relaxed and child-led, and I don't do posing, props or sitting still. I find that forcing a young child (or even an adult!) to sit still in front of a small, 2x2m backdrop doesn't result in natural and relaxed images, so I decided to just make the whole room into one big "backdrop".

Coventry cake smash photoshoot

Because everything is white, babies and children can be themselves and go wherever they choose, without affecting the overall look of the images. Got a speedy crawler on your hands? No matter. The window looks as good in the background as the sofas, or the room dividers!

forest of dean baby photographer

Parents don't need to constantly step in to "place" their child back in the correct spot for me to get good images. They can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the unlimited tea, coffee and sweet treats I provide as standard (the coffee machine goes on 3 minutes before every session, no matter what!).

Warwickshire photography studio

Do all visitors to The White Studio need to wear white?

No! Ok, so I always suggest to my visitors that if they would like to get the full effect of the minimalist, all-white look, then yes: making sure that you are / your baby is dressed in white or something close to white (like light grey, beige, cream or sand) will look amazing, but it's not a hard rule.

Gloucestershire baby photographer

It's your photoshoot, so you and/or your little ones should come as you are. If you're hardcore all-black-everything kinda dressers (and ironically, this is me... despite owning a white studio you may be surprised to meet me and see that I am barely suppressing my inner goth most days) you are 100% welcome in The White Studio. Similarly, if your family's wardrobe could be described as "walking rainbow", come on in: you are welcome too.

If you like the images I share online and would like yours to look like that, then be aware that this is mainly achieved by a combo of white room + neutral clothing, and that's why I always recommend this to get the full "minimalist" photoshoot. But as I said above, this is YOUR photoshoot, and if you want you or your little one to be the pop of colour (or glorious goth) in my white room, bring it on!

leamington baby photographer

If your baby isn't usually a wearer of neutral or white but you'd like to achieve the minimalist, all-white look, I do have a small (for now; I am gradually building it up) studio wardrobe for under-ones, consisting of sweet white and cream vests, leggings and bonnets. If parents would like to use studio pieces, they can just le me know and I will get any items in their baby's size washed and ironed ready for the shoot.

West Midlands baby photographer

What's the difference between The White Studio and other studios in Coventry?

The White Studio was created after speaking extensively to my home and outdoor photoshoot clients. They all had feedback about their own studio experiences, so in developing my studio, I took all their comments into account.

There is no hard sell, forcing you into buying images after the shoot. You pay a session fee (which works like a deposit) to book the session and pay for my time setting up, shooting and clearing away, and then you pay nothing more until you have seen the photos. You choose your photos at home, without me in the room giving you heavy eye contact as you make your decisions.

There are no hidden costs - everything you might expect to budget for my photoshoots is clearly outlined in my price list, which is available to see before we even make contact.

Because I mainly use natural light, there is no need to stay in one spot in order to be lit properly by studio lights. I said it above, but The White Studio is a cringe-free zone. There are no awkward poses, no toddlers being forced to sit still and say cheese, and no excessive props. Not a single newborn will be placed into any sort of container, or moulded in their sleep into any sort of complicated pose here, and that's a promise.

Coventry & Warwickshire newborn photographer

Finally, there is no dodgy photoshopping in my editing process. I do use photoshop, and I edit every single image carefully by hand, but there is no heavy airbrushing or face-swapping involved. I perform a respectful edit on all photos, hiding any temporary skin imperfections (like little baby scratches, snotty noses, little marks on clothes, or pesky spots), correcting colours and brightening eyes. My edits don't make you unrecognisable; my edits simply enhance the beauty that was already there the moment you stepped into my studio.

Warwickshire baby photography

The White Studio is less "studio", and more your minimalist home-from-home. My goal is to capture images of your children and your family being as relaxed and natural as if we were in your own home. My studio simply provides a minimalist, distraction free setting to allow us to focus on nothing but capturing the magic of real people and real moments.

What type of photoshoots do you offer?

Currently, you can book an older baby photoshoot (sitting age and up) and a cake smash first birthday photoshoot; I am in the process of setting up the studio so it is suitable for newborns, and should be offering those within the next few weeks. I always make sure to include family shots in all baby photoshoots so you don't need to book a separate session if you want to be in the photographs yourself; I do offer family photoshoots for those who would like to focus solely on the family group, or who have older children, and these are by request only.

This all sounds perfect, but I don't live in Coventry. Help?!

The White Studio is located in Cheylesmore, Coventry, just off the A46 / A444. It takes around 15 minutes to get here from Kenilworth, Leamington Spa and Warwick. It's less than half an hour from Stratford-Upon-Avon, Rugby and Solihull, and you can get here from Birmingham, Leicester and The Cotswolds in under an hour. I've even done photoshoots for visitors from as far as the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire!

So, if you're not a local, never fear, you can still have your perfect minimalist photoshoot! There are plenty of parking spaces on the street directly outside, and a loo in the house so you don't need to worry if you have travelled a longer distance.

How can I book?

Simple! You can book by clicking here to contact me, or head over to my instagram or facebook page to message me directly there. You can also email me at

I hope that this post has answered any questions you might have about The White Studio - if there's anything I haven't covered, please do drop me a message and I will answer any more questions you can think of!

I look forward to welcoming you to The White Studio very soon!

Coventry, Warwickshire and West Midlands photographer


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