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Coventry Newborn Photographer

Because that's what I am!

It might seem like a strange blog post for me to write, but because my style isn't what people usually associate with a newborn photographer, I thought I'd officially introduce myself as one!

Most of the time, when people think of newborn photographers, they imagine someone who works from a studio, uses lots of props and backdrops, and who poses babies into the most photogenic positions as they sleep peacefully.

That style is beautiful, artistic, and takes a lot of skill but it just might not be your cup of tea. I know it wasn't mine, and I didn't book a newborn photoshoot for my own son because I assumed it would be like that.

The newborn photoshoots I offer in Coventry and Warwickshire provide an alternative: natural, unposed and relaxed sessions of babies who are either awake or sleeping; no posing, no props, and no fuss. Minimal and naturally beautiful.

My newborn photoshoots also take place in your own home, so you and your baby have everything you need within arms' reach. Feeling uncertain about a newborn photoshoot at home? I wrote a blog post all about it, which you can read here.

Below, I'll share some examples of the newborn photoshoots I've done recently in Coventry, Warwickshire and further afield in Hemel Hempstead (I travel UK wide!), so take a look and see if I might just be the newborn photographer for you!


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