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Your gallery is ready!

Good news! Your very own private gallery is now live and ready for you to view. Below you'll find videos and other information about navigating your gallery and what happens next.

There are 2 sections on this page: Part 1 is a guide to your proofs, and Part 2 is a guide to your final images.


Click on the boxes below to get started. Any questions: get in touch any time!

part one

Your Viewing Gallery

(also known as proofs)

How-to video 

If you need some more help, this step by step video will show you how to use your private viewing gallery.


It covers logging in; what I mean by proofs; making a favourites list; and viewing your favourites list ready for me to get your final images ready.


If you can't narrow it down to just 10 favourites, upgrading is an option! You'll get all the images in your gallery to download, as well as your choice of print.


Click here or on the image above to open the upgrade price list and find out more.

If you'd like to upgrade, let me know in an email and I'll sort it all out for you!

part two

Your Final Images

Your final images are now ready! You have now received an email with your download PIN. 

downloading your images

The link and password to access your gallery are the same as before.

If you get stuck, this video will show you how to download and save your final images. It also covers making a favourites list ready for me to order any prints. 


If you've got any questions, you can contact me to ask any time, but you might find an answer more quickly here! Have a look around in the "after your shoot" section.

Thank you so much!

If you have a free moment, I would really appreciate a review. You can leave reviews on my Google business profile or my Facebook page.

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