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In addition to being a photographer, I am also an experienced teacher.

 I have been working in adult education for over 10 years and I still teach now, alongside my photography work. 

I am very excited to be able to combine my skills as an educator and my knowledge of photography to help you get to know your own camera and start taking amazing photographs of your families (and even yourselves!) right now

How does it work?

It couldn't be easier: just pick the type of lesson that will work best for you, pay £35 to book your slot, and then we can schedule our first online lesson!

Who is it for?

My education packages are ideal for you if you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera, and would like to not only learn how to use it correctly, but also to elevate the quality of the photographs you are already taking.

Maybe you'd like to take better photographs of your own children, or maybe you'd like to get professional photos taken but live too far away from your dream photographer. Maybe you'd like to learn how to edit your images! 

What time do the lessons run?

The beauty of online education is that we can schedule lessons entirely around you. Daytime, evenings, early mornings, weekends; you name it, we can make it work.

Got children with you? Not a problem. As the parent of a toddler myself, I know how hard it can be to find a free moment to get dressed, let alone to have a live online photography lesson...!

To get the most out of the lesson, I would always recommend scheduling it for when children are sleeping or with another adult, but if this isn't possible and you need to have them with you, that's not a problem.

If you need to rush off to assist them for any reason during our lesson, we can just carry on when you come back, or reschedule for a more convenient time.  

How much does it cost?

Keep scrolling, or click here for my education pricing. If none of the options are quite right for you, please do get in touch so we can discuss your specific needs and tailor a package just for you.

What if I only have a phone camera?

That doesn't mean you can't learn how to take better photographs! If you'd like to learn how to maximise your phone camera, there is a lesson for you too. The only service I don't offer for phone photography is my editing service.

- COVID-19/Lockdown -

If you really want to get some professional photographs of your new baby/ children/ whole family, but you or someone in your family is shielding, or even if you aren't quite ready to have an in-person photoshoot (even if it is socially distanced), learning how to take your own frame-worthy images could be just what you're looking for.

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Education Pricing

Whether you're only looking for a single hour of education, where you can ask some questions or chat about one specific area of your photography, or you're looking for a complete starter course that covers all bases, there's an option for you. 


Value: £60 

 Introductory offer: £35

This covers: 

- a 1 hour online lesson

- email correspondence with me before the lesson 

- preparation of all the information and any materials provided 


Lesson and image review

Value: £120  

Introductory offer: £65

Send me your best 5 images, and I'll review them in detail by checking what settings you used, how you composed them and what you can improve.

Then I'll send you away with some tips and tricks to try again before our second lesson.

I'll review the next set of 5 images to see how far you've come! 

This can also be an editing review.


This covers:

- two 45-minute online lessons (90 minutes total)

- email correspondence with me before and after each lesson

- my study and review of 10 of your photographs (5 in each set)

- preparation of all the information and any materials provided


Lesson, image review and editing service

Value: from £200 

Introductory offer: from £95 (includes 5 edits)

You want to take some beautiful photographs, and you also want them to have that premium, polished look, but you don't want to have to pay £100+ for a subscription to premium editing software and then learn how to use it. Never fear: I've got you! 

This covers:


- two 45-minute online lessons (90 minutes total)

- email correspondence with me before and after each lesson

- my study and review of 10 of your photographs* (5 in each set)

- preparation of all the information and any materials provided

- download, edit in my signature style** and re-upload of your images to an online gallery


contact me for a quote

If you'd like to combine several single-hour lessons to make your own course of 2 -10 hours, we can do that!

There's even a discount if you book multiple lessons in advance: after the first hour, all subsequent 1-hour lessons in your course will be £30 each.


If you'd like to learn more about using a phone camera - that's great too, just let me know the make and model of your phone to be sure it's worth it.


All of your burning photography questions can be answered, and if they don't fit neatly into any of the above options, just send a message my way and we can find the perfect plan for you. 

*only photographs that have been taken in conjunction with my lesson and image review are eligible for the editing service

**you can specify whether you'd like black and white or colour, but the final edit is done in my own style. For examples of my editing style, take a look at my lifestyle or studio portfolios.

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